Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FUCK FINALS. fuck 'em.

its been a long week already. and its only wednesday.
But, for how stressed out i've been/ should be, i know i'm going to be fine. Today i finished up my Visual Communications final . We had to come up with a product and create packaging, a Web Design and Andvertisement. I decided to create 'Stache Sicles, which are like mustache-shaped Ice Cream bars. I bought a molding kit so i can actually make them but i really dont have time. but heres some of the work i did. I just finished sloppily assembling the box , but i think it came out alright reguardless.

hand-drawn recycle symbol haha i go to art school.
technically they are zero calories. HAAY

i thought this was the best stache packaging, it was also the first one i made

Nina Goffi is the greatest! i love the pictures. she even made them rainboww!!

in terms of my other finals I'm working on,

- Sculpture, making a thumbprint in relief by nailing pins to a large piece of plywood and wrapping cassette tape around them to form the shape. Out theme/concept is music, so ill bullshit something to explain my idea later. its quite tedious but i think its goung to come out pretty well.

-Relief/Monotype- i just have to make and print two collographs which should be too bad. i basically have to create plates with different shapes/ textures on them and print from those, like printing a collage basically.

-Concepts/Works on Paper- final plate, my theme is growth and i have this creepy idea to make a flower out of hands, we will see how that goes.

i took my women artists final, and ruled! i was quite suprised with myself. although i was acting pretty cool i was kind of freaking out inside. i did not do well in that class and hopefully that and my extra credit paper saved my ass. Tommorrow i have to write a 8 page paper for Observing Humans. I'm pretty confident i can do it but i also have to finish my final sketch and start carving my plate for my concepts class, and fix my book :/

Luckily, this will be an awesome weekend. i just have to finish up the afforementioned work and im golden. parties galore, lots of celebrating for the end of first semester. I'm especially excited for the Wine & Cheese/ Colt 45 & Cheez-it we are gonna have at out house. it will be good to be surrounded by all my friends again at once! i miss em all school is so draining.

I'm heading back to LA the 20th and im so stoked and scared at the same time. i know im going to have a blast, i just hope i dont get too comfortable again. thats always the hardest part. i hope i can make some money, see some friends, and be crafty-- doing all the projects ive been wanting to do but havent had the time for. :)

Happy Holidays Chitlins!
love you all!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This was my thanksgiving break..

give or take some fried chicken, cookies, BBQ nachos, and OH YEAH thanksgiving! haha

being at my sisters in Memphis was great. I had such a good time hanging out with her, and Brandon and my new nephew HUEY!! (the doggy) I don't have much creative stuff to show you, besides the start of a scarf, because besides the craziness of my finals being next week and a huge list of things to do, i have a secret Christmas present projects to work on so i cant show them till later, sadly. But all in all i had a good break, very relaxing besides the fact that i think i have an allergic reaction to sometthing?? (notice the blotchies) :(

it was good to come back to philly

Thursday, November 20, 2008

its hibernating season.
its getting soo cold, im getting soo busy, and getting sooo little sleep.

but im pretty happy :)

school is going pretty well i just have a lot of things going on.

im going to Memphis in less than a week, home in less than a month
and im excited.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

can it be turkey day already?!

2 weeks till i go to memphis! i want to excape. play with a puppy all day and eat 10lbs. of butter at paula dean's restaurant, and BBq nachos at the grizzlies game.
especially just lay on the couch and feel closer to home.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i be expressin with my full capabilities

a new doodle that proves my productivity in woman artists.

last night i stayed a couple hours after class to help hanging the sophomore printmaking show! i put in my "Hekkro" and my multi-drop monotype of a knitting pattern that came out looking kind of like throw up but i like it, haah. ill post a picture of that later i guess. plus, i got a free sheet of plexi class out of it, which is AWESOME because i can use it for my sculpture now and wont have to go buy it! woo hoo

also, im famous in pictures on trick go's website. plus, Gab is an official internet head honcho there now!!

my room is extremely cold and my feets are frozen.

bye now!

Monday, November 10, 2008

yes yes y'all

if you can guess the song the lyrics in the background are from ill give u something pretty.
its one of my favorites

a lot has happened. not sure how i feel about it all. but im living in the moment right now :)

1. PHILLIES fucking won the world series and it was pure mayhem here, glad to say i got to be part of it

2. OBAMA fucking won the presidency and i cant help but feel hopeful :)

3. HALLOWEEN was pretty cool but my costume wasnt as awesome as planned.. purple people eater, i just wore all purple and attempted to make a napkin out of a t-shirt, but milk ended up drawing it and it ended up being Hall & Oates in between a hamburger bun. haha it was weird and didnt make any sense.

4. NEW YORK happened abruptly after halloween, actually only a couple of hours after. Me & khyber got ton the bus and left at 8:30 in the morning. Sadly, my friends in NY never got back to me and i didnt see them at all and i just tagged along with khyber and his friends all day which was fun, but i was kind of a like 7th wheel hah. I hope i get my film back soom from there, we wnded up at this skate competition on the roof of this high school at it was AWESOME. ill scan some in when i get them back.

This saturday we went to an "anything but clothes" party and this was my outfit. my skirt was made out of pages from a book my grandmother got me when i first came to philly, called connecting in philadelphia and it was from like 1997. i even found a listing for Uarts. "the University of the arts center for continuing studies" which mean that shit is suuper old. ahhathere were other funny things like where to find folk dancing lessons and stuff haha i used a trast bag as my top. and in the spirit of living with Nina Goffi we had a photoshoot and i was awkward and got heatrash hahaa..

i also spent most of last week decorating my newly empty wall. ithink im gonna keep it as an arch. hopefully my pictures come back soon and i can fill up the holes. I love my bed. its pretty much hibernating season and i just wish i could stay there always.

things are looking up after a dissapointment but i guess its just a sign that i really need to focus on myself and what makes me happy right now.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

All i have to say is..




Tuesday, October 28, 2008

let it rain

i think its funny how you never get anything done on rainy days. its just an automatic mood you are put in. time to bundle up and do nothing for hours. There is a million things i could and should be doing right now, but I'm not. instead im on the computer fucking around and its great. moved my bed to the corner of my room instead of the middle yesterday and for some reason i feel like it was the best decision of my life. i just felt a lot better about everything after that. I've been feeling really unstable and detatched lately, although ive been growing a lot in school and i just find it funny that i literally got more comfortable after something like this haha. i guess i've just gotten sick of the constant routine and need change, and even something little like this made me feel so much better

So i know i posted this earlier, but during our crit for our edition and monotypes, i realized that i put the word radical into his beard, and its really easy notice in this picture because its flipped, but the right way its hard to noticed and i forgot until i looked at it far away haha OOPS

Expanding on my experimentation with prismacolors, incorporating typography, and listening to neutral milk hotel always, this is an unfinished piece i've been working on. I need to even out and add more linework, but i love it. in the design, you should be albe to see "I am listening to hear where you are" a lyric from Two-Headed Boy. We just got an assignment to make an edition of 40 4x6 prints with a multi-block linoleum block. 4 DIFFERENT LAYERS thats goingt o take forever, but i thing im going to use this, hopefully i can carve it well enough :/

Here is my knitted tent that i was talking about. It looks A LOT shittier than planned but the pressure of time and the lack of super knitting skills kept me away from that. i didnt finish the top, oh well, and i planned for the cardboard to look a lot more structured. you can only really fit one person in there at a time and i planned for it to look a lot mor uncomfortable inside and a lot more.. finished and welcoming outside but ehh whatever. my new sculpture had plans to be DOPE lets see if i can make it that way. i need to buy plexiglass.. :/ i love my man sox.. and its 10x warmer in the basement than in my room. just so you know. i also did a multi-drop monotype this week of a knitting patter. it came out looking like throw up. its great.

This list has just been sitting in my mind:

CDS That Never Get Old:
or i guess they just haven't yet..

Neutral Milk Hotel- In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Minor Threat- Complete Discography
Aesop Rock- None Shall Pass
Atmosphere- Sevens Travels

New York Tomorrow
Hope the weather isnt tooo shitty, I'd like to stay dry while seeing Banksy

Thursday, October 23, 2008

a lot has happened, nothing has happened, a lot of nothing has happened

except for school school school.

My birthday happened, which was great because i got to celebrate it in both LA and PA. I had amazing weekends in both places. i also got extremely drunk in both places, hah.. big mistake.. deletedeletedelete. Coming back from home i jumped right into a nonstop work week which consisted of only 4 hours of sleep a night, and an even bigger addiction to coffee, after telling myself i didnt want to drink it anymore, and wanted to be healthy. YEAH RIGHT, like that happened, i've been stuffin my face like no tomorrow :( The work load has slowed down, and i've been getting BETTER at time management and self motivation. i said better-- not good, hah.

but with all this nonstop work, while i do feel like im learning SO much, im not up to par in my classes. i know its my homework and stuff, but after six hours of class a day im ready to just come back here and vegg like a potato. I'm actually really liking my Visual Communications and my Relief Monotype classes, and im warming u to sculpture, although i get intimidated by the physical problem solving sometimes. bleh, well luckily im pretty sure my mid terms are over and im getting back into the swing of things, and ive finally found time to doodle again.

i picked up a few prisma colors which were on sale at utrecht when i had to buy a ruler for class, so i've been experimenting, and i want MORE.
after looking at this, i think it was indirectly inspired by c215, a stencil artist whose work i saw in Brooklyn once, and is often mentioned on Wooster Collective.

this was my second time using the prismacolors, the first picture was my third. This one was after i took my Women Artists mid- term. did not do so well on it, or at drawing the hands, so i drew mittens. :/ its been so cold here, its like winter without the snow. BUT it means i can wear my leather jacket and convertible mitten/gloves. :) wooohooo. its knitting season! that reminds me ill post pictures of my knitted tent later

It reacently just hit me that its been more than a year since i moved here.
I went through old facebook pictures and i was like oh jeesus that was so long ago, but it just happened. I feel like everything has gone by so fast. but so slow, its such a weird feeling. Since school started i dont feel like a lot has happened, just that ive been going through the motions, constantly having work thrown at me, and i let it pile up until i have to dig myself out, and i feel like i miss home more than ever. i wish i could be sitting on that couch so bad. even though i went home just two weeks ago, i dont feel like ive had a break. Besides Larry&Linda, im pretty sure i miss the chicken canvas and the bookshelf the most.

Something i'm super stoked about is that im going to New York next week-- TWICE!
im mostly excited just to have a break and explore somewhere else. I'm hoping i get to see Meghan and Soyoung while i'm there, and Gab told me about Banksy's new exhibit, The Village Pet Store and the Charcoal Grill. Shit is going to be rediculous. He makes 3d models and experiments with animitronics and its CRAZY i cantw ait to see it in person. no doubt ill be taking my camera. Other than that im excited to just have free time and explore the city, hopefully have time to doodle.

Well other than that, my life has bee a lot of cheering for EVAn Longoria of the phillies, eating carpet woven crackers, wearing ugg boots and sweat pants, and keeping my eyes out for them squirrels if you know what i mean. if you don't then stop reading this, you're not my friend, or more importantly, Nina's friend.. which means ur really not cool.

.. but either way, im looking for some distractions, wanna help me find some?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

you really donthave to read this,

its just a place where i can rant

This has been the longest, hardest, and most difficult & work filled past 2 1/2 days i've ever had at school. Its been nonstop work since the moment i woke up tuesday morning, with a few exceptions that i probably shouldn't have made work-wise yesterday, including pizza with buff daddy and going crazy with gab on Broad street after the Phillies won yesterday. Although i probably shouldnt have done either, and would be at least started with my 8 page paper due tomorrow, or the 4 collages also due, but they were both much needed breaks which gave me temporary relief from my stress.
I've been waking up unbelieveably tired, only getting around 5 hours of sleep a night, and haven't caught up on my lack of sleep from my quick but exhausting weekend home. A lot has happend since the last time i posted, but sadly not much doodling. just crazy work. Hopefully this weekend i can get things under control and take pictures and scan stuff next week.

back to visual communications, which i kind of wish i had skipped, then probably head to the last drop to get my ongoing caffine fix, (4 CUPS YESTERDAY, im slowly killing myself) and to at least finish outlining/begin my paper, and get solid ideas for my collages.

It really might be an all nighter tonight, and that makes me want to cry. Concert after my longest day of class and probably least hours of sleep i really hope i dont fall over from sporadic Narcolepsy

Monday, October 6, 2008

Laptop Lapdance

WOW this is kind of old, i found it in my drafts and i forgot to post is or just didnt finish my thoughs or something. hah. anyways i think its pretty funny

FINALLY! a fucking doodle thats not for school.. phew
this is the best immage i could get with my wierd ass scanner but i like it, It was a present for nina, i'm pretty sure she liked it.

I've had this weird feeling lately

and i have no idea what it is...

i went from being fucking disgusting, sick and miserable to happy and excited to needy to sad to awesome to anxious and stressed out and worried to confused

and now i dont know what the fuck im feeling anymore

i just want to scream and have it all go away.
maybe i just need sleep, and to be productive, which means not writing on my blog right now

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today i feeel like...


I've been pretty unproductive lately, just exhausted and burnt out. i dont think i will ever get enough sleep. I dyed my hair brown, if you didn't know(tice.) This weekend is my birthday weekend, and im hoping it will be nonstop fun fun funn. Friday is First Friday and Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist comes out, which i know will be a winner. Saturday is Jenay's birthday (sadly i wont get to see her until the weekend after), and will probably be just a chill day and then a lil swaree later that evening. Sunday is my birthday WOOT WOOT the big 1-9, ahha its funny, every time i turn older i still feel younger, im thinking of that as a good thing for now.. Hopefully we will have a nice brunch and a Hot Chip concert later that night. The next weekend i am headed home, which almost makes me wanna wet my pants from the excitement.I cant fucking wait to see everyone, and it will be a nice break from the nonstop pace of scool right now.

Here are a few projects I am working on:

Gotta tell myself
just keep knitting, just keep knitting just keppt knitting knitting knitting..
These are my finishe patches i have right now for my tent I'm building for my sculpture class. (Needle)ss to say, i feel very behind. Tomorrow is my actual sculpture class. so hopefully i can crank it out then.

This is a proof of my Linoleum block print i put on Gab's door today, and i wrote "HEKKROOW" on it. (inside joke) There is an exhausting story behind this, one i've explained too many times today, but in a nutshell, there was som confusion in the issuing of paper drawers the other day, and when i went to go find my very expensive printing paper in my drawer today, i found my name had been ripped off and a note inside saying "THIS ISN'T YOUR DRAWER," and my paper was gone. and i dont know if your know how much this paper costs but i basically had 6 sheets in there, costing me about 15 dollars as a discounted price. It was mostly just frustrating because the girl who was also assigned the drawer TOOK my paper, but also i was planning on using it to complete my prints today, and now i have to wait to see if i even get it back form her, if i have to hassle her or just pay for more. I talked to the department chair and i just hope it works out and i get my shit back. BLEh

These weeks keep on flying by. tomorrow better be a productive day. i have to make myself DO WORK (say it like big black) because my last wo days are the most work and most exhausting, and i want to be in a good place for this weekend.

I need to be more focused.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

it smells like church

The weeks have been going so fast i can't keep up with it all.
Saturday-doesnt exist, unless theres a recreational activity at night

i'm getting more used to school but i'm still not fully in work mode, i have so much work to do and get so stressed suring the week that i NEED the weekends, but then they just dissapear in what seems like a matter of hours. This week had been the beginning of the most school work ive ever had, and the thought of the work is slowly eating away at me. RWARR can't i just scare it all away and just do little things I wanna do ??!?! nope, thats school.

So far, my most exciting projects include knitting a small tent for sculpture, which is going to take SOO long, but i think i can handle.. i just need to get everything else under control and really push myself to take care of business.
It just sucks because i have a lot of project ideas i want to do on my own time, but its just not happenin with my 18 credits ahhh. here are a few of my things: the first is a nudey done with primary colored- water solulble crayons for my concepts/works on paper class-- one of my toughest and most intimidating of my classes, and the other is a sketch for a lino block i want to do on my own time. i think it would be fun to wheatpaster in late october/early november for the election.

Basically the next exciting thing thats going on is that i cut my hair and dyed it again. I really love it, but im still not used to it cuz its so short i keep using like a handful of shampoo when all i need is a drop haha. i think in a few weeks im going to dye it again and maybe cut it shorter, but we shall see what happens

This next weekend is going to be dope as fuck and i cant wait for it, but thats why i need to get all my work under control. Instead, I'm here writing on my blog like an idiot haha

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The inevitable post

and life has been quite hectic. I've been trying my best to keep up with everything , and i'm just reallly ready to let loose this weekend. I finished ^that^ in the last two days and i actually really enjoyed it even though it too about 6 hours to finish after the 3 hours we had in class. its a moose, by the way and its for my Relief/Monotype Class, which i know it going to be one of my favorites. Tomorrow i have my Observing Humans Class which should be interesting , i have a litttle bit more reading for that to do before bed tonight, and then i have COncepts/Works on Paper, which i'm pretty intimidated by. I'm nervous but excited to learn. I have some women artist homework to do this weekend, along with a sculpture to make and Photoshop to play around with(among many other things). Gab and Neener and I are throwing a Back to school, dork dance party this saturday which should be dope and a fun thing to get my mind off of school. I like being in my work mode, and i've found that i do a lot better work and get a llot more done when i'm actually at school doing it. Less distractions and options to lets say sleep, or eat. I had to get up super early this morning to finish up some homework aka take a walk and take pictures. it was actually pretty nice and i'm thinking of doing it more often. After i write this ill probably go finish my book and go right to sleep to see if i can handle a morning run.. we'll see what my body says. sorry i have less work to put up and more things to talk about.. BOOOORRRINGG but just have lots of things going on right now. I'm really rreallly excited for my birthday which is in like a month but im basically just really stoked that i can celebrate here and with my friends back home. Last year my birthday was to soon to really be comfortable to doo anything or hang out with people for my birthday, but my roomies did get me an amazing cake to celebrate which i appreciated bery much. THIS YEARR i''ll be in philly for the main event and we are actually seeing hot chip the night of which is AWESOME! also.. its the weekend of first friday where gab really wants an "Off-White" reunion concert... i think we might make it happen hahahaha also the opening date of nick and noras infinite playlist, which is bound to be the cutest movie ever. THEennn the next weekend when im officially 19 (i know im just a wittle baby) i'll be off to L.A. where i'll basically be for a day and a half. Natalie is throwing both me and jenay a BBQ which is definitely going to be amazing.. i miss everyone at home, and at the same time im starting to get back into my groove here. Anywayss.. In conclusion, School is school, bring on the Colt 45, this weekends gonna be a good one.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh

So these are the squirrel drawings.

These are specifically inspired by and designed for my one and only squirrely friend named Nina.

Squir-rel- pronunciation: skwər(-ə)l, ˈskwə-rəl, chiefly British ˈskwir-əl\ (noun) : A 'Hott' boy, usually dressed in 'hipster' attire, consisting of a flannel and/or striped shirt, with form-fitting jeans, converse, and preferably large framed glasses.

This one was inspired by my trip to Pittsburgh to visit my long-time friend, Lizzi, we visited squirrel hill, where i purchased a dope ass cardigan, leather jacket, dress, and a CD of salt-n-peppa remixes!

It was an amazing trip, i had tons of fun just hanging at a different school for a while, even though i was constantly introduced as "She doesn't even GO here!," i got pretty comfortable.

School Starts Thursday and I'm pretty stoked. I think I'm ready to start work mode, and get this party started right, and then get drunk and freaky fly-y-yy-y-yyyy-y. I'm so excited for everyone to be back together and start living here again. I can just feel how good this year is going to be. Hopefully I'll be getting a job soon, (if i can handle it), but I'm just waiting it out to see how my work load goes. It might just be the coffee, but i can't be still right now, i feel so excited for school to start and fall to come and things to happen, coming back from Pittsburgh, i felt like i was coming home, and I'm pretty content with that. Although LA will always be my home, I'm content with becoming detached right now. I miss my people back there, but i have so much going on here, and I'll be back every few months anyways. I'm trying to realize i don't need to be dependent on certain people there, just enjoy them, you know?

Either way i'm just excited to start this year.

1 day of summer left, lets make it a good one.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

This place is starting to feel like home again

So today, after picking up an application at urban outfitters, Gab and I walk out of the store, only for me to stop, and start pulling her by her sleeve trying to get her attention. She ignores me at first, but then i say "I'm pretty sure, thats Spank Rock." nodding my head toward him, in his Flannel and crazy colored backpack. She didn't believe me at first and i had to practically yell at her for her to realize what i was saying, i hope he didn't hear me, although i think him or his friends did. We were so blinded by his coolness we had to put our shades on, but sadly we were too star struck to approach him. Gab and I first saw him preform at the M.I.A. concert we went to, he did his song 'Loose' with Amanda Blank, who was prefroming with Santogold. Needless to say, The electric factory was POPPIN' and we both fell in love with not only him, but every single act that played. It was pretty much the dopest of dope, and it kinda made me realize how much i love the philly vibe. Honestly, i know i'm going to have the time of my life here, and i'm so glad i took the initiative to move out to the east coast in the first place.
The sketch up there is a knock off of jeremy fish's piece that usually depicts San Francisco. Even though i've already fallen in love with that city, i thought it'd be fun to play around with and i made my own Philadelphia version, with a few of my favorite philly landmarks.
I'm so excited about school starting. I can't wait for my new projects, and just see what i'm going to do next in terms of my work. I'm a little nervous, but i know i can handle. I feel a lot more driven this year, and a lot more inspired. I hope i can get all my classes worked out the way i want, and get my minor started riiight. then get drunk and freaky flyy..
Well, I'm off to pittsburgh for the weekend to visit my friend Lizzi, and i promise more sketches, being that i'll be on a train for 7 1/2 hours each way :/ hopefully it won't be as stressful as flying here was. I'll leave you with an exquisite corpse, written by Kate, Nina, Mark, and I relating to the sketch in my first post, HAH!Thanks for reading, loves!

This is a pretty old sketch, but one of my flavorites. It's pretty appropriate being that last night, Gab and I went to this gay club- Woodys.

Let me just say, Loose lips up, down, left, right, EVERYWHERE in that bitch. It was fun, just not Gab & I's scene, i think you might now why.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

so this is the start of my new sketchblog.

for some reason i can't log into my old one, so i just decided to start over. So, right now, I'm about to start my sophomore year at UARTS in Philadelphia, where im a Printmaking major and a multimedia minor.

This sketch is pretty funny, its from a comment we overheard yesterday at The Last Drop.

now that i have my scanner back, I'll probably be updating it more often wit my lil sketches and projects.

sorry im a lil slow right now, a bit hungover, but good.
peace out girl scouts, check ya later bros.