Monday, November 10, 2008

yes yes y'all

if you can guess the song the lyrics in the background are from ill give u something pretty.
its one of my favorites

a lot has happened. not sure how i feel about it all. but im living in the moment right now :)

1. PHILLIES fucking won the world series and it was pure mayhem here, glad to say i got to be part of it

2. OBAMA fucking won the presidency and i cant help but feel hopeful :)

3. HALLOWEEN was pretty cool but my costume wasnt as awesome as planned.. purple people eater, i just wore all purple and attempted to make a napkin out of a t-shirt, but milk ended up drawing it and it ended up being Hall & Oates in between a hamburger bun. haha it was weird and didnt make any sense.

4. NEW YORK happened abruptly after halloween, actually only a couple of hours after. Me & khyber got ton the bus and left at 8:30 in the morning. Sadly, my friends in NY never got back to me and i didnt see them at all and i just tagged along with khyber and his friends all day which was fun, but i was kind of a like 7th wheel hah. I hope i get my film back soom from there, we wnded up at this skate competition on the roof of this high school at it was AWESOME. ill scan some in when i get them back.

This saturday we went to an "anything but clothes" party and this was my outfit. my skirt was made out of pages from a book my grandmother got me when i first came to philly, called connecting in philadelphia and it was from like 1997. i even found a listing for Uarts. "the University of the arts center for continuing studies" which mean that shit is suuper old. ahhathere were other funny things like where to find folk dancing lessons and stuff haha i used a trast bag as my top. and in the spirit of living with Nina Goffi we had a photoshoot and i was awkward and got heatrash hahaa..

i also spent most of last week decorating my newly empty wall. ithink im gonna keep it as an arch. hopefully my pictures come back soon and i can fill up the holes. I love my bed. its pretty much hibernating season and i just wish i could stay there always.

things are looking up after a dissapointment but i guess its just a sign that i really need to focus on myself and what makes me happy right now.

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Kategan said...

I really really like your art Courtney Brown :)