Thursday, October 16, 2008

you really donthave to read this,

its just a place where i can rant

This has been the longest, hardest, and most difficult & work filled past 2 1/2 days i've ever had at school. Its been nonstop work since the moment i woke up tuesday morning, with a few exceptions that i probably shouldn't have made work-wise yesterday, including pizza with buff daddy and going crazy with gab on Broad street after the Phillies won yesterday. Although i probably shouldnt have done either, and would be at least started with my 8 page paper due tomorrow, or the 4 collages also due, but they were both much needed breaks which gave me temporary relief from my stress.
I've been waking up unbelieveably tired, only getting around 5 hours of sleep a night, and haven't caught up on my lack of sleep from my quick but exhausting weekend home. A lot has happend since the last time i posted, but sadly not much doodling. just crazy work. Hopefully this weekend i can get things under control and take pictures and scan stuff next week.

back to visual communications, which i kind of wish i had skipped, then probably head to the last drop to get my ongoing caffine fix, (4 CUPS YESTERDAY, im slowly killing myself) and to at least finish outlining/begin my paper, and get solid ideas for my collages.

It really might be an all nighter tonight, and that makes me want to cry. Concert after my longest day of class and probably least hours of sleep i really hope i dont fall over from sporadic Narcolepsy

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