Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Today i feeel like...


I've been pretty unproductive lately, just exhausted and burnt out. i dont think i will ever get enough sleep. I dyed my hair brown, if you didn't know(tice.) This weekend is my birthday weekend, and im hoping it will be nonstop fun fun funn. Friday is First Friday and Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist comes out, which i know will be a winner. Saturday is Jenay's birthday (sadly i wont get to see her until the weekend after), and will probably be just a chill day and then a lil swaree later that evening. Sunday is my birthday WOOT WOOT the big 1-9, ahha its funny, every time i turn older i still feel younger, im thinking of that as a good thing for now.. Hopefully we will have a nice brunch and a Hot Chip concert later that night. The next weekend i am headed home, which almost makes me wanna wet my pants from the excitement.I cant fucking wait to see everyone, and it will be a nice break from the nonstop pace of scool right now.

Here are a few projects I am working on:

Gotta tell myself
just keep knitting, just keep knitting just keppt knitting knitting knitting..
These are my finishe patches i have right now for my tent I'm building for my sculpture class. (Needle)ss to say, i feel very behind. Tomorrow is my actual sculpture class. so hopefully i can crank it out then.

This is a proof of my Linoleum block print i put on Gab's door today, and i wrote "HEKKROOW" on it. (inside joke) There is an exhausting story behind this, one i've explained too many times today, but in a nutshell, there was som confusion in the issuing of paper drawers the other day, and when i went to go find my very expensive printing paper in my drawer today, i found my name had been ripped off and a note inside saying "THIS ISN'T YOUR DRAWER," and my paper was gone. and i dont know if your know how much this paper costs but i basically had 6 sheets in there, costing me about 15 dollars as a discounted price. It was mostly just frustrating because the girl who was also assigned the drawer TOOK my paper, but also i was planning on using it to complete my prints today, and now i have to wait to see if i even get it back form her, if i have to hassle her or just pay for more. I talked to the department chair and i just hope it works out and i get my shit back. BLEh

These weeks keep on flying by. tomorrow better be a productive day. i have to make myself DO WORK (say it like big black) because my last wo days are the most work and most exhausting, and i want to be in a good place for this weekend.

I need to be more focused.

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