Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh

So these are the squirrel drawings.

These are specifically inspired by and designed for my one and only squirrely friend named Nina.

Squir-rel- pronunciation: skwər(-ə)l, ˈskwə-rəl, chiefly British ˈskwir-əl\ (noun) : A 'Hott' boy, usually dressed in 'hipster' attire, consisting of a flannel and/or striped shirt, with form-fitting jeans, converse, and preferably large framed glasses.

This one was inspired by my trip to Pittsburgh to visit my long-time friend, Lizzi, we visited squirrel hill, where i purchased a dope ass cardigan, leather jacket, dress, and a CD of salt-n-peppa remixes!

It was an amazing trip, i had tons of fun just hanging at a different school for a while, even though i was constantly introduced as "She doesn't even GO here!," i got pretty comfortable.

School Starts Thursday and I'm pretty stoked. I think I'm ready to start work mode, and get this party started right, and then get drunk and freaky fly-y-yy-y-yyyy-y. I'm so excited for everyone to be back together and start living here again. I can just feel how good this year is going to be. Hopefully I'll be getting a job soon, (if i can handle it), but I'm just waiting it out to see how my work load goes. It might just be the coffee, but i can't be still right now, i feel so excited for school to start and fall to come and things to happen, coming back from Pittsburgh, i felt like i was coming home, and I'm pretty content with that. Although LA will always be my home, I'm content with becoming detached right now. I miss my people back there, but i have so much going on here, and I'll be back every few months anyways. I'm trying to realize i don't need to be dependent on certain people there, just enjoy them, you know?

Either way i'm just excited to start this year.

1 day of summer left, lets make it a good one.

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Nina said...

helllzzz yeah, squirrel time!
umm does living up the last day of summer include a trip to whole foods????