Tuesday, October 28, 2008

let it rain

i think its funny how you never get anything done on rainy days. its just an automatic mood you are put in. time to bundle up and do nothing for hours. There is a million things i could and should be doing right now, but I'm not. instead im on the computer fucking around and its great. moved my bed to the corner of my room instead of the middle yesterday and for some reason i feel like it was the best decision of my life. i just felt a lot better about everything after that. I've been feeling really unstable and detatched lately, although ive been growing a lot in school and i just find it funny that i literally got more comfortable after something like this haha. i guess i've just gotten sick of the constant routine and need change, and even something little like this made me feel so much better

So i know i posted this earlier, but during our crit for our edition and monotypes, i realized that i put the word radical into his beard, and its really easy notice in this picture because its flipped, but the right way its hard to noticed and i forgot until i looked at it far away haha OOPS

Expanding on my experimentation with prismacolors, incorporating typography, and listening to neutral milk hotel always, this is an unfinished piece i've been working on. I need to even out and add more linework, but i love it. in the design, you should be albe to see "I am listening to hear where you are" a lyric from Two-Headed Boy. We just got an assignment to make an edition of 40 4x6 prints with a multi-block linoleum block. 4 DIFFERENT LAYERS thats goingt o take forever, but i thing im going to use this, hopefully i can carve it well enough :/

Here is my knitted tent that i was talking about. It looks A LOT shittier than planned but the pressure of time and the lack of super knitting skills kept me away from that. i didnt finish the top, oh well, and i planned for the cardboard to look a lot more structured. you can only really fit one person in there at a time and i planned for it to look a lot mor uncomfortable inside and a lot more.. finished and welcoming outside but ehh whatever. my new sculpture had plans to be DOPE lets see if i can make it that way. i need to buy plexiglass.. :/ i love my man sox.. and its 10x warmer in the basement than in my room. just so you know. i also did a multi-drop monotype this week of a knitting patter. it came out looking like throw up. its great.

This list has just been sitting in my mind:

CDS That Never Get Old:
or i guess they just haven't yet..

Neutral Milk Hotel- In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Minor Threat- Complete Discography
Aesop Rock- None Shall Pass
Atmosphere- Sevens Travels

New York Tomorrow
Hope the weather isnt tooo shitty, I'd like to stay dry while seeing Banksy

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