Tuesday, April 28, 2009

whats new

Sorry fanbase, (and by fanbase i mean nina) that i've been absent for a bit but this has been an intensive semester. so much has happened but i cant believe its almost over. I finally started doing work i really liked this semester, so here are most of the projects i've been working on:

my portrait project in my mixed media painting class, it was the first thing i made that i genuinely liked in all of art school.

My first project for research practices & subjects and formats, we had to choose a place or building in Philly, I chose the Italian Market. Its an accordian book-diarama made with bristol, craft paper, mylar, and xeroxed pictures of italian immigrants and families who have lived in the area over the years.
my second piece for subjects and formats. The project was to research and produce a piece about communication in the future. I researched robots and the possibility of interaction with robots as humans. heres a documentary that caught my attention, and also an article. This is my independent project for mixed media. i carved and painted a woodblock then made it a frame from pennys. another mixed media project. its a nonsilver print on a woodblock. its a picture i took with my lomo fisheye last year at the magical garden then printed in a CYMK color seperation, then carved into, its still in process.my etching of bacon! did a lot of aquatint and burnishing, actually this was the etching where i got rosin dust on my clothes which caused my rediculous allergic reaction and then brief steroid usage. this is our mapping project for fabric printing. i created an image portraying the face as a genetic map. i'm also using the same image in my subjects and foromats final.. you'll see that later
this is my final for fabric printing. we had to do a contemporary versoion of a traditional style. i chose toile, and illustrated the celebration of Dia de los Muertos
last night gab cut my hair!

Monday, March 2, 2009


too bad i spent all day doing work on my first snow day of ever.

at least i was way more productive than i wouldve been if i had gone to class

Thursday, February 19, 2009

my bodys all kind of fucked up

think its trying to tell me something.

look at those itchy rashy swollen mits. it was that way on my feets too.

luckily benedryl tok care of it but it also knocked me out for most of the day. i should have been doing work all day :/


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I just finished up a big project for Fabric Printing.
We had to do a collection of 6 variations of a two-layer image we created.
it may not sound like much, but it was quite a lot of work, but totally worth it.
here are some shitty pictures of my prints:
this is my clean print, the original basic design

printed on gold

printed on "wood" i found on the street then carved diamonds into

on felt and monoprinting w/ gold

i made a stencil with mylar

i found GOLD DOILIES! and i printed over one.
i think its my favorite

im really liking this class, and my teacher works for the Fabric Workshop & Museum, where i'm going to try and get an apprenticeship this summer, so hopefully if i try really hard i can get a good recommendation!

Last Semesters Work

i'm sorry fan-base (by which i mean nina) i've been slacking lately.
ive been too busy and too lazy to post a few pictures and type a few words.

here is some of my work from last semester:

here is my final for sculpture 1. it got water damaged the day before the crit, and i messed up the bottom while moving it. its basically a fingerprint made out of cassette tape and pins on a 5x6 piece of plywood.

This is my multi-drop monotype. its a knitting pattern made with CYM. We rolled ink onto plexi glass and i used about 120 different qtips to remove ink to make the image. Sadly, because the registration was confusing, i printed the magenta layer upside down, hence why i decided to call this piece "knitting throw-up." i traded it for a nonsilver print from jason.

This is my multi-cut woodblock. in this process you repeatedly cut into one woodblock to make one image, This one is 4 layers. I wish i didnt make the feathers black and charcoal as i originally planned, but i was lazy.. hah

While im glad that semesters over, im drowning in this one already, but im producing a lot of work im really happy with, so i guess its worth it, right?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FUCK FINALS. fuck 'em.

its been a long week already. and its only wednesday.
But, for how stressed out i've been/ should be, i know i'm going to be fine. Today i finished up my Visual Communications final . We had to come up with a product and create packaging, a Web Design and Andvertisement. I decided to create 'Stache Sicles, which are like mustache-shaped Ice Cream bars. I bought a molding kit so i can actually make them but i really dont have time. but heres some of the work i did. I just finished sloppily assembling the box , but i think it came out alright reguardless.

hand-drawn recycle symbol haha i go to art school.
technically they are zero calories. HAAY

i thought this was the best stache packaging, it was also the first one i made

Nina Goffi is the greatest! i love the pictures. she even made them rainboww!!

in terms of my other finals I'm working on,

- Sculpture, making a thumbprint in relief by nailing pins to a large piece of plywood and wrapping cassette tape around them to form the shape. Out theme/concept is music, so ill bullshit something to explain my idea later. its quite tedious but i think its goung to come out pretty well.

-Relief/Monotype- i just have to make and print two collographs which should be too bad. i basically have to create plates with different shapes/ textures on them and print from those, like printing a collage basically.

-Concepts/Works on Paper- final plate, my theme is growth and i have this creepy idea to make a flower out of hands, we will see how that goes.

i took my women artists final, and ruled! i was quite suprised with myself. although i was acting pretty cool i was kind of freaking out inside. i did not do well in that class and hopefully that and my extra credit paper saved my ass. Tommorrow i have to write a 8 page paper for Observing Humans. I'm pretty confident i can do it but i also have to finish my final sketch and start carving my plate for my concepts class, and fix my book :/

Luckily, this will be an awesome weekend. i just have to finish up the afforementioned work and im golden. parties galore, lots of celebrating for the end of first semester. I'm especially excited for the Wine & Cheese/ Colt 45 & Cheez-it we are gonna have at out house. it will be good to be surrounded by all my friends again at once! i miss em all school is so draining.

I'm heading back to LA the 20th and im so stoked and scared at the same time. i know im going to have a blast, i just hope i dont get too comfortable again. thats always the hardest part. i hope i can make some money, see some friends, and be crafty-- doing all the projects ive been wanting to do but havent had the time for. :)

Happy Holidays Chitlins!
love you all!