Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FUCK FINALS. fuck 'em.

its been a long week already. and its only wednesday.
But, for how stressed out i've been/ should be, i know i'm going to be fine. Today i finished up my Visual Communications final . We had to come up with a product and create packaging, a Web Design and Andvertisement. I decided to create 'Stache Sicles, which are like mustache-shaped Ice Cream bars. I bought a molding kit so i can actually make them but i really dont have time. but heres some of the work i did. I just finished sloppily assembling the box , but i think it came out alright reguardless.

hand-drawn recycle symbol haha i go to art school.
technically they are zero calories. HAAY

i thought this was the best stache packaging, it was also the first one i made

Nina Goffi is the greatest! i love the pictures. she even made them rainboww!!

in terms of my other finals I'm working on,

- Sculpture, making a thumbprint in relief by nailing pins to a large piece of plywood and wrapping cassette tape around them to form the shape. Out theme/concept is music, so ill bullshit something to explain my idea later. its quite tedious but i think its goung to come out pretty well.

-Relief/Monotype- i just have to make and print two collographs which should be too bad. i basically have to create plates with different shapes/ textures on them and print from those, like printing a collage basically.

-Concepts/Works on Paper- final plate, my theme is growth and i have this creepy idea to make a flower out of hands, we will see how that goes.

i took my women artists final, and ruled! i was quite suprised with myself. although i was acting pretty cool i was kind of freaking out inside. i did not do well in that class and hopefully that and my extra credit paper saved my ass. Tommorrow i have to write a 8 page paper for Observing Humans. I'm pretty confident i can do it but i also have to finish my final sketch and start carving my plate for my concepts class, and fix my book :/

Luckily, this will be an awesome weekend. i just have to finish up the afforementioned work and im golden. parties galore, lots of celebrating for the end of first semester. I'm especially excited for the Wine & Cheese/ Colt 45 & Cheez-it we are gonna have at out house. it will be good to be surrounded by all my friends again at once! i miss em all school is so draining.

I'm heading back to LA the 20th and im so stoked and scared at the same time. i know im going to have a blast, i just hope i dont get too comfortable again. thats always the hardest part. i hope i can make some money, see some friends, and be crafty-- doing all the projects ive been wanting to do but havent had the time for. :)

Happy Holidays Chitlins!
love you all!

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