Thursday, February 19, 2009

my bodys all kind of fucked up

think its trying to tell me something.

look at those itchy rashy swollen mits. it was that way on my feets too.

luckily benedryl tok care of it but it also knocked me out for most of the day. i should have been doing work all day :/


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I just finished up a big project for Fabric Printing.
We had to do a collection of 6 variations of a two-layer image we created.
it may not sound like much, but it was quite a lot of work, but totally worth it.
here are some shitty pictures of my prints:
this is my clean print, the original basic design

printed on gold

printed on "wood" i found on the street then carved diamonds into

on felt and monoprinting w/ gold

i made a stencil with mylar

i found GOLD DOILIES! and i printed over one.
i think its my favorite

im really liking this class, and my teacher works for the Fabric Workshop & Museum, where i'm going to try and get an apprenticeship this summer, so hopefully if i try really hard i can get a good recommendation!

Last Semesters Work

i'm sorry fan-base (by which i mean nina) i've been slacking lately.
ive been too busy and too lazy to post a few pictures and type a few words.

here is some of my work from last semester:

here is my final for sculpture 1. it got water damaged the day before the crit, and i messed up the bottom while moving it. its basically a fingerprint made out of cassette tape and pins on a 5x6 piece of plywood.

This is my multi-drop monotype. its a knitting pattern made with CYM. We rolled ink onto plexi glass and i used about 120 different qtips to remove ink to make the image. Sadly, because the registration was confusing, i printed the magenta layer upside down, hence why i decided to call this piece "knitting throw-up." i traded it for a nonsilver print from jason.

This is my multi-cut woodblock. in this process you repeatedly cut into one woodblock to make one image, This one is 4 layers. I wish i didnt make the feathers black and charcoal as i originally planned, but i was lazy.. hah

While im glad that semesters over, im drowning in this one already, but im producing a lot of work im really happy with, so i guess its worth it, right?