Sunday, September 21, 2008

it smells like church

The weeks have been going so fast i can't keep up with it all.
Saturday-doesnt exist, unless theres a recreational activity at night

i'm getting more used to school but i'm still not fully in work mode, i have so much work to do and get so stressed suring the week that i NEED the weekends, but then they just dissapear in what seems like a matter of hours. This week had been the beginning of the most school work ive ever had, and the thought of the work is slowly eating away at me. RWARR can't i just scare it all away and just do little things I wanna do ??!?! nope, thats school.

So far, my most exciting projects include knitting a small tent for sculpture, which is going to take SOO long, but i think i can handle.. i just need to get everything else under control and really push myself to take care of business.
It just sucks because i have a lot of project ideas i want to do on my own time, but its just not happenin with my 18 credits ahhh. here are a few of my things: the first is a nudey done with primary colored- water solulble crayons for my concepts/works on paper class-- one of my toughest and most intimidating of my classes, and the other is a sketch for a lino block i want to do on my own time. i think it would be fun to wheatpaster in late october/early november for the election.

Basically the next exciting thing thats going on is that i cut my hair and dyed it again. I really love it, but im still not used to it cuz its so short i keep using like a handful of shampoo when all i need is a drop haha. i think in a few weeks im going to dye it again and maybe cut it shorter, but we shall see what happens

This next weekend is going to be dope as fuck and i cant wait for it, but thats why i need to get all my work under control. Instead, I'm here writing on my blog like an idiot haha

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