Thursday, August 28, 2008

This place is starting to feel like home again

So today, after picking up an application at urban outfitters, Gab and I walk out of the store, only for me to stop, and start pulling her by her sleeve trying to get her attention. She ignores me at first, but then i say "I'm pretty sure, thats Spank Rock." nodding my head toward him, in his Flannel and crazy colored backpack. She didn't believe me at first and i had to practically yell at her for her to realize what i was saying, i hope he didn't hear me, although i think him or his friends did. We were so blinded by his coolness we had to put our shades on, but sadly we were too star struck to approach him. Gab and I first saw him preform at the M.I.A. concert we went to, he did his song 'Loose' with Amanda Blank, who was prefroming with Santogold. Needless to say, The electric factory was POPPIN' and we both fell in love with not only him, but every single act that played. It was pretty much the dopest of dope, and it kinda made me realize how much i love the philly vibe. Honestly, i know i'm going to have the time of my life here, and i'm so glad i took the initiative to move out to the east coast in the first place.
The sketch up there is a knock off of jeremy fish's piece that usually depicts San Francisco. Even though i've already fallen in love with that city, i thought it'd be fun to play around with and i made my own Philadelphia version, with a few of my favorite philly landmarks.
I'm so excited about school starting. I can't wait for my new projects, and just see what i'm going to do next in terms of my work. I'm a little nervous, but i know i can handle. I feel a lot more driven this year, and a lot more inspired. I hope i can get all my classes worked out the way i want, and get my minor started riiight. then get drunk and freaky flyy..
Well, I'm off to pittsburgh for the weekend to visit my friend Lizzi, and i promise more sketches, being that i'll be on a train for 7 1/2 hours each way :/ hopefully it won't be as stressful as flying here was. I'll leave you with an exquisite corpse, written by Kate, Nina, Mark, and I relating to the sketch in my first post, HAH!Thanks for reading, loves!

This is a pretty old sketch, but one of my flavorites. It's pretty appropriate being that last night, Gab and I went to this gay club- Woodys.

Let me just say, Loose lips up, down, left, right, EVERYWHERE in that bitch. It was fun, just not Gab & I's scene, i think you might now why.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

so this is the start of my new sketchblog.

for some reason i can't log into my old one, so i just decided to start over. So, right now, I'm about to start my sophomore year at UARTS in Philadelphia, where im a Printmaking major and a multimedia minor.

This sketch is pretty funny, its from a comment we overheard yesterday at The Last Drop.

now that i have my scanner back, I'll probably be updating it more often wit my lil sketches and projects.

sorry im a lil slow right now, a bit hungover, but good.
peace out girl scouts, check ya later bros.