Tuesday, April 28, 2009

whats new

Sorry fanbase, (and by fanbase i mean nina) that i've been absent for a bit but this has been an intensive semester. so much has happened but i cant believe its almost over. I finally started doing work i really liked this semester, so here are most of the projects i've been working on:

my portrait project in my mixed media painting class, it was the first thing i made that i genuinely liked in all of art school.

My first project for research practices & subjects and formats, we had to choose a place or building in Philly, I chose the Italian Market. Its an accordian book-diarama made with bristol, craft paper, mylar, and xeroxed pictures of italian immigrants and families who have lived in the area over the years.
my second piece for subjects and formats. The project was to research and produce a piece about communication in the future. I researched robots and the possibility of interaction with robots as humans. heres a documentary that caught my attention, and also an article. This is my independent project for mixed media. i carved and painted a woodblock then made it a frame from pennys. another mixed media project. its a nonsilver print on a woodblock. its a picture i took with my lomo fisheye last year at the magical garden then printed in a CYMK color seperation, then carved into, its still in process.my etching of bacon! did a lot of aquatint and burnishing, actually this was the etching where i got rosin dust on my clothes which caused my rediculous allergic reaction and then brief steroid usage. this is our mapping project for fabric printing. i created an image portraying the face as a genetic map. i'm also using the same image in my subjects and foromats final.. you'll see that later
this is my final for fabric printing. we had to do a contemporary versoion of a traditional style. i chose toile, and illustrated the celebration of Dia de los Muertos
last night gab cut my hair!