Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last Semesters Work

i'm sorry fan-base (by which i mean nina) i've been slacking lately.
ive been too busy and too lazy to post a few pictures and type a few words.

here is some of my work from last semester:

here is my final for sculpture 1. it got water damaged the day before the crit, and i messed up the bottom while moving it. its basically a fingerprint made out of cassette tape and pins on a 5x6 piece of plywood.

This is my multi-drop monotype. its a knitting pattern made with CYM. We rolled ink onto plexi glass and i used about 120 different qtips to remove ink to make the image. Sadly, because the registration was confusing, i printed the magenta layer upside down, hence why i decided to call this piece "knitting throw-up." i traded it for a nonsilver print from jason.

This is my multi-cut woodblock. in this process you repeatedly cut into one woodblock to make one image, This one is 4 layers. I wish i didnt make the feathers black and charcoal as i originally planned, but i was lazy.. hah

While im glad that semesters over, im drowning in this one already, but im producing a lot of work im really happy with, so i guess its worth it, right?

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